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Our Story

‘‘Hi there!   My name is Liz,  I founded LEON NORD in 2018.  Having lived an active lifestlye my whole llife and been sewing since the age of 5, I combined my two passions to create LEON NORD. The perfect unison of functional fashion.   Since starting, I do everything I  possibly can, on my own. From  designing, sewing samples,  communications with production, testing, marketing, graphics, videographer, photographer and social media management, you name it!   I am the one you talk to at pop up markets, or even the one you chat to on facebook customer service. I must admit... I do get a bit of help from my family and friends,  whether it be shipping packages from their apartments, or asking them to be a model for the day so I can create some content. I owe a lot to these wonderful humans.  Everything I do, is to create a  wonderful experience for those who find LEON NORD interesting and to build honest, transparent  relationships with my customers.   I love building a comminuty and since starting, I have met so many strong and empowering women.   Thank you for being here and for supporting my small business!
LEON NORD Activewear featured on ELLE UK, championing women's activewear designed for and by actual women, leon nord is the athleisure wear brand with a personal touch



AMBITION ACTIVEWEAR FROM  SCANDINAVIA  LEON NORD is a luxury women’s athleisure wear brand.The aesthetic combines sleek Scandinavian minimalism with comfort and functionality. No matter the occasion, you’ll feel ready to conquer the day  without style ever being compromised.I BELIEVE THE FASHION INDUSTRY  CAN BE DIFFERENT......and produce  less wasteI do not throw away unsold items  (major brands throw away up to 40%  of their produced items)      I donate returned items or sell  them at sample sales, ...and make eco  conscious choices,  I am launching the first items made with fabric from 100% recycled plastic bottles (in Q2 2020)  I would love to upcycle your old  leggings and offer you €25 off on any pair of LEON NORD leggings, ...and make items  to last,  I design the pieces with attention to detail and a twist to make them special, but timeless  I choose high-quality materials to make sure they last
JANUARY 2018 THE CONCEPT  WAS BORN,Left my job and began sewing non stop, my true passion since childhood! I made the first samples in my living room and began to wear them to workout,JUNE 2018 LAUNCHED THE FIRST COLLECTION, Found a manufacturer, I built the website, asked my friends to play model so I could take pictures for social media and marketing and put it all together,OCTOBER 2018 THINGS WERE  GETTING TOUGH,Unfortunatley, my manufacturer raised their minimum production quantities, so our production was discontinued. Luckily, I found new manufacturer after moving to Los Angeles, JUNE 2019 A BETSELLER  WAS BORN, The Andromeda Leggings Launched. The Matcha Pearl Color has been a hit amongst yogis and has been the best seller to date! NOVEMBER 2019 A NEW  DIRECTION,I made the decision to work with recyceled fabrics for future collections. The new items will launch in 2020 with the same thought and attention to detail, so that each item finds a loving home, and will be used time and time again.