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Established in Copenhagen, Denmark, LEON NORD is a luxury women’s athleisure wear brand. Our aesthetic combines sleek Scandinavian minimalism with comfort and functionality. Each piece is carefully designed with hand-picked fabrics, helping you to feel effortlessly chic and strong. The fit, placement of seams and functionality of pockets and trims are designed to be versatile for your everyday schedule—whether you’re headed to the gym or yoga studio, running errands, or are simply out the door for a leisurely stroll. No matter the occasion, you’ll feel ready to conquer the day without style ever being compromised.

Designed and developed by our founder Liz,  all items are made for being versatile, comfortable and classic. Liz grew up playing sports, starting from track and field, then basketball, volleyball and soccer. After school she continued to keep up with an active lifestyle experimenting with all forms of fitness, such as yoga, pilates, running half marathons and weight training. Growing up with her mother sewing all the time, this quickly became an interest, a hobby and a lifetime passion. From sewing dresses to studying Fashion Design in Copenhagen and Los Angeles, to finally combining the two worlds together to create LEON NORD. Our brand brings you fashion forward activewear for the fashionable strong woman on the move.

The logo displays the north star, Polaris. To us, the north star signifies guidance for wherever we may be in our lives and the calling to discover our most authentic selves. LEON NORD embodies that and aims to empower women—to help them find their inner north star. #reachforthestars #leonnordactive

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Our founder Liz

Our founder Liz