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Where should I go on my next vacation?

Now that summer is coming to an end, you are happily bronzed from the sun and back to your routine, you can’t help but think, ‘’where should I go next?’’I asked travel experts Gigi and Nico from My Beach Addiction to come up with some major #inspo for you. Here are their top 3 destinations for sun, sand and much needed R&R.

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What to eat before a Spinning class

So we finally got into the spinning class and we are ready to take our work out to the next level! But we are wondering, what can I do for my body to fuel and get optimal results? We asked Alicia, our certified health and fitness nutritionist to give us some tips for what you can do to power through a spin class.

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Curious about CBD? Sharing a personal experience

My body knew how much I was struggling, the body always knows. It physically communicates through sensations, which then become tensions which can lead to pain and might even turn into inflammation/disease. I could feel I was starting that cycle. The psychological struggle I was going through was speaking through muscle tension, pain, anxiety, trouble sleeping and chest aching. As a therapist and yoga teacher/student, I knew I had to break that cycle as soon as possible...

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My first Soundbath experience

Having never been to a soundbath before, I was really keen on seeing if this would be something for me. I am always up for trying something new which promotes wellness!Sound and vibration is known to be one of the oldest healing methods...

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