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How to Create a Workout Plan You’ll Actually Stick To

Working out is something that benefits your body in many different ways. Exercise can help you lose weight, it reduces cholesterol, it lowers blood pressure naturally and you’ll experience a beneficial change in mood after exercising thanks to those feel-good hormones that get released after a workout. If you’ve always struggled with creating a workout plan that you’ll actually stick to, there are some tips that can help make this process more effective.

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My Fitplan reviews

I have been an avid user of the app Fitplan for almost 9 months now and I've tried about 8 different Fitplans. I really wanted to experiment with them to try find my favorites and which ones really challenged me. Overall, I am really happy with the app. Its allowed me to have access to all sorts of workouts, wherever I am, and I don't ever lack variety in the type of workout I want to do. I have stuck to a few plans all the way through and the consistency with them has led me to see results and build a confident routine.

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During a trying time like the COVID-19 pandemic, we were all met with shock, discomfort, sadness, anxiety, and uncertainty. I am no exception. My anxiety flared with all the concerns of family, friends, and humanity. It can be difficult to talk about the positive things during a crisis, as I feel (along with all of you I'm sure) that it can feel like its not the right time. Out of respect for the brave doctors, nurses and medical staff who are fighting this battle. Out of respect for those suffering a loss during a pandemic. A crisis such as a pandemic has its butterfly effect. And one of these effects being, many businesses will struggle. Our economy will struggle. As...

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Remove These Obstacles to Reach Your Fitness Goals

You're doing everything right: going to the gym on the regular, not snacking between meals, and eating your fruits and vegetables. However, what if you're still not reaching your fitness goals? The following list includes common obstacles that can get in the way of physical fitness. Refined Carbs Refined or simple carbohydrates usually consist of pasta, pastries, white flour, white rice, some desserts, and white bread. These are carbs that have had all their bran, fiber, and nutrients entirely removed. In addition, because they digest rather quickly, they can spike your blood pressure to an unhealthy level. You can probably already see why refined carbs are not exactly the best source of calories, especially when you're attempting to become healthier...

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Seated too long? Here is a Yoga flow to get your blood flow moving!

In this age, when globalization and technology bring us the world to our fingerstips,  we end up not realizing that most things we do, we do them seated. Working, eating, relaxing, socializing, going for drinks, even meditating! Comparing with the past, when day life required different levels of movements, we can only imagine the impact seating and a bad seating posture have been causing in our bodies.

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