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During a trying time like the COVID-19 pandemic, we were all met with shock, discomfort, sadness, anxiety, and uncertainty. I am no exception. My anxiety flared with all the concerns of family, friends, and humanity. It can be difficult to talk about the positive things during a crisis, as I feel (along with all of you I'm sure) that it can feel like its not the right time. Out of respect for the brave doctors, nurses and medical staff who are fighting this battle. Out of respect for those suffering a loss during a pandemic. A crisis such as a pandemic has its butterfly effect. And one of these effects being, many businesses will struggle. Our economy will struggle. As...

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Remove These Obstacles to Reach Your Fitness Goals

You're doing everything right: going to the gym on the regular, not snacking between meals, and eating your fruits and vegetables. However, what if you're still not reaching your fitness goals? The following list includes common obstacles that can get in the way of physical fitness. Refined Carbs Refined or simple carbohydrates usually consist of pasta, pastries, white flour, white rice, some desserts, and white bread. These are carbs that have had all their bran, fiber, and nutrients entirely removed. In addition, because they digest rather quickly, they can spike your blood pressure to an unhealthy level. You can probably already see why refined carbs are not exactly the best source of calories, especially when you're attempting to become healthier...

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Seated too long? Here is a Yoga flow to get your blood flow moving!

In this age, when globalization and technology bring us the world to our fingerstips,  we end up not realizing that most things we do, we do them seated. Working, eating, relaxing, socializing, going for drinks, even meditating! Comparing with the past, when day life required different levels of movements, we can only imagine the impact seating and a bad seating posture have been causing in our bodies.

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My First impressions with the Fitplan App

With so many apps around these days offering the promise of being your personal fitness trainer, how can we take that extra step to commit to a membership, when we are so unsure about which one we should choose? It seems most larger influential fitness trainers have their own app, however, Fitplan has done something pretty awesome in that sense. They have gathered the best of the best. With over 50 elite male and female trainers that range from professional athletes (such as Alex Rodriguez ((J-Lo's hubby)), to Kim Kardashians PT, it's sure you will find a routine you can learn to love and achieve your fitness goals. Follow me on Instagram as I continuously test different plans and share...

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Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to spend with family and friends.  It is also a time of year where there are plenty of festivities and delicious foods and drinks making it hard to avoid overindulgence.  A few extra pieces of Christmas cake here and some mulled wine there can accumulate and may result in adding a few extra kilograms over the holiday. That is not to say that you should avoid all these festive foods completely or feel guilty, just be mindful of what you are eating. Although easier said than done, this can be a challenge for some.  Below are some tips that you can follow to help you through the festive season.

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