Where should I go on my next vacation?


Now that summer is coming to an end, you are happily bronzed from the sun and back to your routine, you can’t help but think, ‘’where should I go next?’’

I asked travel experts Gigi and Nico from My Beach Addiction to come up with some major #inspo for you. Here are their top 3 destinations for sun, sand and much needed R&R.

@mybeachaddiction have been on the road for the past 2 years seeking out the most amazing beaches this beautiful world has to offer. The best part is, they make it super travel friendly and make everything easier for you, so you don’t need the hassle when you get to your getaway. Check out their blog here.

These are their top 3 destinations for an idyllic beach getaway.


'' With over 17000 islands, Indonesia has so many beautiful places to visit. A lot of people think of Bali when they hear Indonesia. But there is more to explore and this beautiful area of the world has some of the most amazing beach getaways. Bali has many cool beaches perfect for surfing, yoga retreats and hideouts with lots of trendy cafes. But don’t just stick to Bali. Head to nearby islands such as the Gilis, Nusa Penida and Lombok. To us, Indonesia has it all. We have seen some of the most beautiful beaches and islands and find that Indonesia has such a rich culture and heritage with many bustling cities.

With some of the clearest turquoise waters we have seen, we have to say our favourite place was definitely the Karimunjawa islands. If you would like to experience real Indonesian culture head to Yogyakarta and explore some of the oldest Buddhist temples such as Borobudur or the Hindu temple Prambanan.

Flores is another big island in the Indonesian archipelago which will provide you with the most scenic views where you can swim with manta rays and see the biggest lizard species in the world, called The Komodo Dragon.

If you are thinking of going to Indonesia, have a look at this 2 week itinerary to give you an idea how amazing Indonesia is.

The Philippines are, for many travelers, the ultimate dream destination. We are not even surprised why! With over 7000 islands, where do you even go? The Philippines are so big that you need to choose a couple of islands and stick to it if you don’t have unlimited time.

Although Palawan, with its famous El Nido, might captivate you, seeing many pictures on Instagram might seduce you to go there. However, we will stop you right here. Palawan is beautiful, but we highly recommend you to go to lesser known Cebu and Bohol. These are less touristy islands and they are the reason why we fell in love with the Philippines. Cebu is home to over 100 waterfalls with turquoise waters. It is also the access point to one of our favourite Filipino islands called Malapascua with a tiny paradise island Kalanggaman nearby.

Cute Bohol island is so diverse, here you can see one of the best beaches in the Philippines located on the southern tip of Bohol called Panglao island. And if you love sharks as much as we do, in Cebu you can swim with Whale sharks, whereas Malapascua is home to the friendly thresher sharks.
Have we mentioned driving through endless rice fields and seeing cute tarsiers on the way? Get a scooter and explore on your own.

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One of our favourite places in Europe is the cute Greek island of Crete.
Battling with famous Santorini and Mykonos, Crete shouldn’t be ignored and we highly recommend to go there and see it’s beauty for yourself.
Crete is the biggest Island in Greece, however easily navigated by car. We will make your life easy and suggest you to go straight to the western part of Crete, where you will find the best two beaches on: Elafonisi Beach and Balos Bay. Both of them are located in the western part of Crete and easy to access by car from the city Chania.
Elafonisi Beach will strike you with its incredible pink sand and turquoise waters.
But our absolute highlight is Balos Bay beach with the most amazing scenic views you can imagine.

You will love to wander around cute Chania where you can pop in many cute shops and explore more about Greek culture. Just a little tip, try to avoid the really busy months as July, August where tourist numbers peak. May is very pleasant and less busy :)

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We hope this inspires you to try something new for your next getaway!
Gigi & Nico''

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