What you need to know about astrology

woman doing a yoga pose with stars in the background

You open Instagram and start scrolling.

Nothing on your mind, just freely looking at the world online. Suddenly, you come across an astrology post. You take a peak and read: "Your sign in Love". You check it and... You couldn't agree less. Just like that you stop believing in Astrology.

There is a reason why you looked and there's another reason why the answer wasn't accurate.

Ever wondered why astrology is a theme that raises such opposing opinions? Either you despise it or you have, at least, some sort of curiosity around it, ending up checking it out when the curiosity rises. Astrology isn't witchcraft (even though I love witchcraft). Astrology, is a science based on Astronomy, Mathematics and the observation of patterns of behavior not only in humans but also in natural environments. It's not a matter of believing it or not. Just like any other science theory, it's a matter of forming an opinion once you either experience it or actually research about it through good sources.

For most of the history of humanity, Astrology has been welcomed by basically all civilizations. Everyone, even emperors, kings, queens, often had a personal astrologist. After inquisition, it became a taboo but humanity always welcomed Astrology since it's creation.

Astrology has been a part of many cultures since 410 bc (5000 years ago) and it's Not easy to become an astrologer. Still nowadays, you have to study more to become an astrologist than to become a nurse for example.

So why is Astrology seen as mystical and fake now?
We don't have inquisition anymore... But we have media, which can be quite subversively damaging too. Click baits such as "when is it best to get married according to your sign" are ignorant and only exist for you to click on them. They're completely diminishing for Astrology not to mention inadequate.

So by reading what I call "bad press astrology" you end up welcoming ideas that aren't related to you at all, just to the basic sun sign, which then results in disappointment and discredit.

What I feel I need to make clear here:

You're not one sign. You're a combination of 11 planets/stars with 12 signs and 12 houses! Put the astronomical transits on top of that and you get an Idea of it's complexity... If you're a skeptic who knows a bit of maths you'll  start to understand why your Leo sister is so different from your Leo friend.

Astrology as a science is similar to DNA. But not as simple (see where I'm going with this? :D ). It's definitely not as reductive as most think. It's like knowing where the wind is blowing so you can sail at your best. Knowing where the currents flow, so you flow not against, but with it, towards your goals.

So let's peek through the vast curtains of Astrology and shed a light on the planets. What does the relation sign - start/moon/planet mean:

The Sun: essential self, individuality, who you are.
The Moon: your emotions, instincts, your subconscious.
Mercury: your communication, the way you thinks, your curiosity.
Venus: your approach to love, beauty, relationships, money and art.
Mars: your actions/the way you act. Physical energy, sex and combativeness.
Jupiter: where you're lucky / your efforts are most likely to be rewarded.
Saturn: where you have to face your fears. Limitations.
Uranus: your level of rebellion, revolutionary traits. originality.
Neptune: your spirituality, psychic abilities, intuition, deception/illusion.
Pluto: affects the energy of a generation, represents destruction, regeneration, renewal, transformation.

For example: If your Venus is in Cancer, you must combine the effects of cancer with the meaning of Venus. Having Venus in Cancer means for example: you're  very romantic, lover of beauty, sensitive and easily hurt.

You've made it this far, which means it's time to check your full astral chart (not your sun sign only). Ideally you should see an astrologer for it, it makes a big difference.

Contact me at @anarchoyogi for a great recommendation. You can also do it online, for free. Some sources I recommend are:

Cafe Astrology -
Astro -

 Make sure you know the exact time you were born (so you know your rising, it's really important) and welcome to the other side!