The benefits of spinning

Have you ever wanted to try a spin class but thought they appeared quite daunting? Well, there is nothing to be afraid of!  There are a number of benefits in participating in a spin class and here are just a few.
One of the benefits of spinning is that it caters for everyone - whether it’s your first time or if you are a seasoned cyclist.  If it is your first time, your instructor will help you set up your bike and give you all the tips needed to assist you in succeeding.  The great thing is that you can set your own pace because the gearing on the bikes are easily customizable.  You are in control of the tension on your bike and can adjust to your fitness level.  Over time you will gradually build your cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Cardiovascular endurance helps with:
    increased heart muscle strength.
      improved cholesterol
        stress reduction
          lowered blood pressure
            mood and self-esteem boost
              weight control
                improved sleep


                  Know someone who could use any of these benefits? It's a great class to recommend to friends and family members as well. Grab a buddy and try the class out together!

                  Spinning is also a low impact exercise which is great for those of you who have trouble with knees or ankles or if you are coming back to exercise from an injury.  Spinning doesn’t put pressure on your joints like running can and you still get a great cardio workout which will improve your blood flow, increase your stamina and prevent against high blood pressure.

                  Another benefit of spin class is that you join a community.  By participating in class, you don’t only get a workout, you also help your emotional and mental health.  Chances are high you will make new friends who will support you during class; your instructor will encourage you and you will be motivated to push yourself with great music in a fun environment.  At the end of class those endorphins will be pumping, boosting your mood and will have you coming back for more!

                  If you are tempted, now is the time to book that class! There are many variations of Spinning, from SoulCycle to Les Mills just go ahead and ask your local gym or find a dedicated studio to spinning. Instructors are happy to explain the classes to the newbies and keep an eye out for you ;)




                  About Alicia
                  Her background stems from a Bachelor of Applied Science, Masters in Biotechnology and currently extending even more by studying a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology. A lifetime experience in physical fitness, Alicia is the fitness instructor we all wish for. Her kind and understanding approach to clients touches our heart as well as her ambition and love for helping people reach their goals.

                  Based in Brisbane, Australia, Alicia loves the warm climate, drinking coffee and living her best life in awesome activewear