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Seated too long? Here is a Yoga flow to get your blood flow moving!

In this age, when globalization and technology bring us the world to our fingerstips,  we end up not realizing that most things we do, we do them seated. Working, eating, relaxing, socializing, going for drinks, even meditating! Comparing with the past, when day life required different levels of movements, we can only imagine the impact seating and a bad seating posture have been causing in our bodies.

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Meet our Yoga Brand Ambassador Lorina!

INTRODUCING LORINA TO THE #GIRLSQUAD We love to see our community grow and I am super excited to have Lorina join our squad as a brand ambassador! Look forward to inspiration and motivation from this wonderful yogi! You can follow Lorina on instagram as well, check out her profile here. '' Hi Super Humans! My name is Lorina (@Anarchoyogi) I'm a Movement therapist and Yoga teacher with a profound interest in the benefits of moving, flowing and consciousness. I've studied Psychomotricity up to the Masters Degree and was reborn with Yoga (Ashtanga and Vinyasa), doing my teacher training in the birthplace of Yoga itself - Rishikesh, India. I've taught and led movement therapy sessions for more than 10 years and...

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Get to know our Brand Ambassador - Alicia

Get to know our friend and favorite Aussie PT, Alicia Von Brandenstein. Among her long list of qualifications, Alicia specializes in Les Mills classes such as  BodyBalance, BodyPump & RPM. In addition to that, she is also a Pilates Matwork instructor as well as taking on clients for personalized training so that you can optimize your goals, or rebuild from past injuries and gain back your strength. Her background stems from a Bachelor of Applied Science, Masters in Biotechnology and currently extending even more (as if she needs more, wow!) by studying a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology. A lifetime experience in physical fitness, Alicia is the fitness instructor we all wish for. Her kind and understanding approach to clients touches...

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