My workout with Jen Selter

About 2 weeks ago I was watching instastories while getting ready for my day and I managed to get a quick glimpse of Jen Selters stories ‘Want to work out with me? sign up for free now!’

I was immediately drawn and swiped up, even though I knew that the possibility of being able to snag a ticket would be low. Whenever I see these free events with celebrity trainers they sell out so fast I barely get a chance to check it out. Anyways, as I swiped up an landed on the page, I couldn’t believe it…there were spots available! I signed up immediately without hesitation.

Jen Selter is the OG of instagram fitness. She started 7 years ago when she was 18 years old, working in a gym right out of high school. Plus, we all know that instagram 7 years ago, was not what it was today. Organic reach was the real deal and you could gain awareness so quick with consistent content and hard work.

7 years later, 12.7 million IG followers later, Jen Selter is still kicking ass in the Fitness industry. She is well known for her petite lean physique and her booty burner workouts. It goes without saying, she is ruling the influencer market when it comes to fitness.

Hosted by Fitplan, the idea of the event was to meet and great their Elite trainer, Jen Selter, and workout with her.

Fitplan is an App which gives you he opportunity to have the best personal trainers at your hand. There really is no excuse for not working out. You can choose at home work out plans, or gym work out plans depending on what your goal is. Whether its muscle gains, weight loss, or endurance, there is something for everyone. The fitplans range from a few days, up to 12 weeks or longer! It's a pretty awesome app and they keep developing it. The best part is, celebrity trainers such as Jen Selter, Melissa Alcantara (Kim Kardashians personal trainer), Linn Lowes, Michelle Lewin are elite trainers on the app! I mean to me, that's the real deal! These women are all inspiration superwomen who all started somewhere and have lived through the struggle of overcoming personal challenges!

Back to the event. It was hosted at the newly opened Health House in West Hollywood, I could tell already it was going to be a great event! I showed up early, as per usual. I arrived at the entrance and there was 1 other girl waiting who was super eager and excited. I was more nervous than anything. I really didn’t know what to expect. Not to mention it was a super hot summer day so we were all getting sweaty before the workout began! A few minutes later, Jen came out to say hello to the two of us. She was so warm and welcoming. It made me feel calm and comforted that she was very approachable and kind.

Within half an hour a few other girls arrived. It was a small batch of women and we spent the hour chatting about social media, work outs and what makes us fans of Jen Selter. After our meet and great session we went to the fitness studio room and of course, did a crazy leg/booty burner workout for 30 minutes.

This was the best part. Because Jen was our personal trainer for the session, it felt like a total VIP experience. She was really pushing us to give it our best and come around to each individual to motivate us. It was awesome. It was a tough workout! My legs were sore for days afterwards.

Thank you Jen for an awesome work out and I hope we meet again!
Ever since the event I have personally been using the Fitplan App. I find this one of the biggest motivations I have found, to date! It's really got me going to the gym 5 times per week. You can tailor your fitplan depending on what it is that you are looking for! Right now I am doing Michelle Lewin's 90 day Fitplan. If you guys are looking for similar motivation, check it out here!