My first Soundbath experience

My first soundbath experience

How many people know what a sound bath is? … Follow me to a Soundbath as I enthrall myself in this new experience!

I recently joined a group here in Los Angeles, where I’m currently living, that offers events and meet ups for women who are interested in work outs, wellness and experiences. The first event I was able to join was a soundbath, guided by Sugar at Be Crystal Clear in Santa Monica. The event was hosted by Fit Girls Club Los Angeles, where the invite was nothing but tempting. ‘Enjoy a Sound bath into the summer solstice, cbd samples, plus shopping afterwards’ I was sold, so I went!

Having never been to a soundbath before, I was really keen on seeing if this would be something for me. I am always up for trying something new which promotes wellness!

Sound and vibration is known to be one of the oldest healing methods and has been used for thousands of years in the Aboriginal, Greek and Egyptian cultures. Tibetan monks have used techniques with bowls, whose vibrations have been described as “the sound of the universe manifesting” for thousands of years. Recently more and more studies show that the healing power of vibration help with depression, anxiety, lowers blood pressure and sleep deprivation. In the past 15 years it has been re-discovered and become more and more popular in the western world. It is believed that our body is made up of vibrations and through the healing vibrations of the sound created by the practitioner, you are set on a meditative state to self discovery and calmness,

I arrived at the venue, and welcomed by a lovely host who checked me in. The room was already filled about 70% and mats were lined up next to each other ready for the participants. Mostly women, but there were some men.

I chose my mat, got comfortable, took advantage of the Jambo Superfoods CBD spray and started to chill out. Ambient lighting was projected to the sky high ceilings with exposed wooden beams, and the displays around the exposed brick walls were complimented by stunning purple, pink, blue and white crystals. I later learned, Sugar had been collecting since she was 4 years old.
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Some of the beautiful crystals at Be Crystal Clear studio
cbd spray jambo superfoods
Jambo Superfoods CBD mouth spray

The day was the 21st of June, the date of Summer Solstice. An important event in astrological alignment. The longest day of the year, or the day with the most sunlight. Sugar began the session with a welcoming message and asked how many of us had never tried a sound bath before. I'd say about 1/3rd of the room raised their hand. It was quite re-assuring, as I thought this was definitely something a bit out of my comfort zone. I really had no idea what to expect except for beautiful sounds. Sugar explained that she had 8 bowls with her, 2 gongs, chimes and rain instruments.

We laid down on the mats, got comfy, placed a weighted sleep pillow over our eyes and began. ( I highly recommend using a weighted sleep pillow to relax your face muscles and help with calming your mind and body).

It's difficult to explain sound, it's definitely an experience and most certainly a different experience than listening to singing bowls on youtube. The different vibrations of the bowls, particularly the larger deeper bowls, created vibrations so powerful and strong that it felt like they were beaming through my blood. It wasn’t loud…so it's not like you want to cover your ears or anything, it's just powerful. After the deep, powerful tones, lighter tones from, I presume, smaller bowls, came in to play. As if they were lifting away those deeper vibrations, but with purpose. It was really beautiful. I think after 5-10 minutes of getting used to the sounds I told myself, okay…. now its time to get serious and let my thoughts run free.

Certain deeper tones made me quite emotional, brought me to think of very personal melancholic experiences in my life. I realized I was becoming emotional and tried to scurry away from those thoughts, but realized they came there for a reason and I just went with it. The lighter, higher tones brought me to think of emotional, yet happy events and I realized I was smiling! Quite interesting. Sugar mentioned that wherever your thoughts go during the process, go with it and don’t hold it back. If you feel like crying, cry. Honestly, I was really hoping no one would cry because I feel awkward in those situations…. little did I know, I would have 1-2 tears rolling down my cheeks. Tears of joy. Thank goodness everyone had their weighted pillows over their eyes while listening to the singing bowls.

I really enjoyed the singing bowls. It was a bit difficult for me to keep on going for an hour and a half, I think I managed to go with it for about 30 minutes all together, but an hour felt long and my thoughts began to scatter and become unorganized…as if I were impatient. It lead me to believe, this probably needs more practice.

After the singing bowls, the rain instruments and chimes began. Truthfully, I could not engage with these sounds. It made the hairs on my body stand up and triggered my bladder, making me really have the need to pee. So the next 30 minutes became difficult. When Sugar’s soft voice announced we should slowly awake from our meditative state, I was left feeling happy that I had come to try this new experience.

In conclusion, I believe sound baths can definitely help, and can be beneficial for many people. I would try this again for sure, but start off with a shorter session. Possibly just half an hour or even 20 minutes. I would prepare a bit better as well, I didn’t bring a comfy sweater and socks. I think that would have been great to lay there feeling more cozy, that is my own deal. However, I’m passing this vital tip on to you if you are anything like me who gets cold easily. Since you are essentially just laying there, its important to keep yourself warm, so that you don’t become distracted by getting cold. In addition, I would recommend not drinking an hour before a session, so that if you have a weak bladder like mine, you won’t become distracted by that either. But plenty of water afterwards!

Trying something that might seem out of your comfort zone, allows us to grow. So if you are curious about trying a soundbath, go ahead and try it out! If you are in the LA area, I highly recommend Be Crystal Clear in Santa Monica, the venue is welcoming, warm and positive and I look forward to my next visit for a sound bath or yoga session!

I hope this inspired you to try something new! Happy Summer Solstice.