My First impressions with the Fitplan App

With so many apps around these days offering the promise of being your personal fitness trainer, how can we take that extra step to commit to a membership, when we are so unsure about which one we should choose?

It seems most larger influential fitness trainers have their own app, however, Fitplan has done something pretty awesome in that sense. They have gathered the best of the best.

With over 50 elite male and female trainers that range from professional athletes (such as Alex Rodriguez ((J-Lo's hubby)), to Kim Kardashians PT, it's sure you will find a routine you can learn to love and achieve your fitness goals.

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I started Fitplan about 4 months ago. I really wanted to kick up my workout routine. I was lacking motivation. Which was so weird and annoying because I have a gym 100 meters from where I live. I was hitting the gym 2-3 times a week, but I needed an extra kick!

Before I signed up I read up a bit about what I could expect. I think a few things that really caught my attention was that you become part of a community that has similar struggles or goals like you do. From a first glance, Fitplan put a lot of emphasis on the variety of plans they have, available anywhere for anyone. Whether it's for the gym, at home, or wherever your adventures may take you. They also put a lot of emphasis on building each other up. The trainers even send you messages, kind of an accountability trick which is awesome.

I also read a lot about how many plans there are depending on experience levels. This, I found really amazing, that they put thought and attention to those who have never worked out or are intimidated to go to the gym, to those who have experience already.

At first, when I started the app I was asked a few simple questions about what my fitness goals were, whether they be cardio, weight training, weight loss, muscle gain, physical endurance, or overall well being. It also asks whether you prefer at-home workouts or at the gym. By answering these questions with a quick click guide, you are automatically recommended to some trainers and their plans.

Since I was new to Fitplan, I chose one of the plans recommended to me. It was called Slay the weights a 90-day Fitplan designed by Michelle Lewin. A Venezuelan, Miami based bodybuilder, personal trainer, and fitness influencer. I knew of her before and was excited to see I matched with one of her Fitplans. As someone who is experienced at the gym, I would say this starting part of a new challenge was super exciting. I was really looking forward to seeing how much there would be that I didn't know, how far I would be pushed and ultimately, what my results would be. I was looking for a workout that was 30 mins, and focused on muscle gain and being lean. This Fitplan was exactly that and encouraged me to go 5 x per week.

Check out Michelle Lewin's Fitplans here

So I started Slay the Weights opened it up and poked around. The schedule is easy to understand, with clear descriptions of what the day/ workout will entail. Example, 30-minute workout, moderate gym equipment needed, and a video showing the moves for the day. When you open up the workout for the day, you can see them all lined up, what they are called, how many reps, and how many sets there will be.

Each exercise has a detailed video explaining how to perform the exercise. Many of these videos are shot from various angles so you can clearly see how you should hold your body or the weights/machine. The instructor helps as well with voice overs. 

Once you click on the first workout (some Fitplans don’t need to be done in chronological order) the timer begins, so you know how long this particular workout took. I wouldn't focus too much on this if you are new to it, because most of us workout at gyms with other people, and machines can be occupied at times. In this case, move on to the next exercise and get back to the other one later. It is an estimated time on how long it will take so you can better work your schedule around the workout.

Weight and rep scrolls are inserted as well, so you can keep track of what weight you used and how many reps you did, so you can eventually see your progress. 

Break timers are integrated as well. So once you tick off that rep, you can set 30sec to 1 min timer. Give yourself enough time to regroup, but not too much time, remember you are here to break barriers and build yourself up!

I really like this feature with the timers. Before I would lose track of time by scrolling through an article or Instagram. This way, with the timer, I am more focused on my breath, regrouping for my next set and giving my muscles enough time to recover. 

After a few weeks of staying on track with Slay the weights, I decided, to search for another plan because I would be traveling and wanted to have an at-home work out available. Easy to insert time in a hotel room or at an apartment or house. One of the trainers, Sami Clarke, has great Fitplans focusing on at-home workouts, to better optimize your time during your busy schedule and getting in a great, effective workout.  As I was traveling I found this plan so motivational and helpful! It really got my sweat on and I felt great after having been on a long plane ride and feeling sluggish. I mixed it up a bit and continued with Slay the weights alongside this Total body Challenge by Sami Clarke, depending on what my schedule looked like.

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Check out Sami Clarkes Fitplans here!

3 months into Fitplan and nearing the end of Slay the weights, I was getting compliments from friends and family on 'how good I look' - honestly it was a bit strange because I think a lot of people don't realize it themselves when they see changes in their body, unless its a drastic quick change. But flattering nonetheless!

This was just proof and a confidence boost, that what I was doing, was working! However, I paid more attention, my shoulders and arms were more defined, I was able to lift heavier, push myself to do more sets, and ultimately get my butt to the gym more often!

That was the main goal I wanted to achieve, to make going to the gym, a necessary response. A part of my daily schedule like brushing my teeth. I think a lot of this came from the fact that the app helps you set reminders, integrates conversations with other Fitplan users and the trainers feel like they are giving you their attention.

A great implementation about the app is that the trainers send you messages or respond to your workouts, there's a community online where you can share your progress or your concerns, lift each other up and make new friends!

This community has definitely given me an extra boost and it motivates me to push harder and keep going. People respond stronger to positive empowerment and encouragement, so this is something which is really important, especially for people who are not used to using the gym or working out for that matter. This is a great feature of the app.

Personally, my fitness goals weren't to get 'bikini body ready' although some of you may want that there are also plans for that! However, my goal was to make gym time more of a daily routine. I wanted to go every day, even for 30 minutes or an intense cardio session. Building a new routine takes time and determination, influence and encouragement definitely help, and with the scheduling of workout days on Fitplan, this defiantly works!

Now, I can comfortably say that I go to the gym minimum of 5 times a week. It’s more than a routine, its become my lifestyle. It is so important to me to move my body and feel great at the same time. Not only physically but mentally.

A great thing about the Fitplan community is also how we also emphasize the importance of mental health, and how living an active lifestyle, has helped so many. Its proven, moving our body's and breaking barriers while doing it, releases our endorphins, ultimately, we become happier and stronger in all aspects of our daily lives.

I get really excited for that time of day when I can check off the ''gym time'' and enjoy it at the same time. I feel stronger and empowered! I’ve actually made friends via the app and we encourage each other through Instagram and find a close connection with our similar interests.

Since finishing Slay the weights I have started Strong and Lean 2 by Linn Lowes. A Swedish personal trainer, and fitness influencer. Her focus on being natural, happy, light-hearted, and strong have really encouraged me and her 60 minutes (sometimes 75 min) Fitplans are an amazing workout for those looking for a good challenge! Her Instagram features a lot of body transformations using these plans and the results are incredible. With hard work, determination, and encouragement, you can achieve your goals!

The app has a very constant flow of new workouts. The most recent one, focusing on Yoga! A Fitplan from Jana Webb. I'm really looking forward to starting this one to integrate into my fitness routine. So there's something for everyone...really!

Do you want to try Fitplan out for free?Click here for a 7-day free trial!

This pic is after my latest workout on the Strong and Lean 2 plan, all happy and sweaty. I'm wearing my Andromeda Leggings in Matcha Pearl in size small. Sometimes I wear a size medium, depending on the day! I've paired it with my Capella Crop top in size small.

The Andromeda leggings are designed for high-intensity workouts. I NEVER have to pull up the leggings, they don't interfere with my workouts, they just stay put, and honestly, I feel like Matcha Wonder Woman. The Capella crop top is great for those from B cup down - offering great support for running, trx, and beyond. For the women with larger cup sizes, it's great for yoga, lowe intensity sports, or pairing with high waisted pants and a blazer for a night out!

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Written by Liz De Leon

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