Meet our Yoga Brand Ambassador Lorina!


We love to see our community grow and I am super excited to have Lorina join our squad as a brand ambassador!

Look forward to inspiration and motivation from this wonderful yogi! You can follow Lorina on instagram as well, check out her profile here.

'' Hi Super Humans!
My name is Lorina (@Anarchoyogi) I'm a Movement therapist and Yoga teacher with a profound interest in the benefits of moving, flowing and consciousness. I've studied Psychomotricity up to the Masters Degree and was reborn with Yoga (Ashtanga and Vinyasa), doing my teacher training in the birthplace of Yoga itself - Rishikesh, India. I've taught and led movement therapy sessions for more than 10 years and taught Yoga for 2. My teaching style combines thorough alignment and anatomical cuing with a creative and fun flow.

What I led me to my practice has been my journey within. Going through challenges in life made me look for ways to come back to a state of love and peace, and that for me, happens with creative and intuitive movement. That's how Anarchoyogi flow was born. Through my practices you can experience original well thought flows, designed for specific purposes, uncommon/fun transitions, spirituality and the freedom to express yourself through free movement. I have a particular passion for improving wellness, using an holistic approach that combines science, yoga and spirituality. I'm also passionate about being as one with women communities, sharing  learning, growing and healing together.

Anarchoyogi Flow is a creative flow class where you can meet the soul of vinyasa yoga with the creativity of free movement work. This class combines both in a journey of strength, flexibility, body-spirit awareness and self discovery. The flow won't be limited to Yoga poses, as it will also have other kinds of motions used in varied expressive arts, like dancing. All this done in a safe, individually adapted and controlled way. It is open to all levels, from beginners, to advanced movers, and welcoming to "every-single-body", any age, any background. All it requires is the will to Move.

I look forward to bringing motivation and inspiration to the LEON NORD community!