Interview with Liz – founder of Leon Nord - By Notes from a Scandinavian

Hi there Superstars!

Our lovely friend Caroline Alsted from ''Notes from a Scandinavian'' sat down with our founder Liz to get a deeper insight behind the brand. Take a look at the lovely blog here.

Caroline's blog is full of beautiful inspo on health, wellness and natural beauty products. We LOVE it.

Tell us your background story!

I’m a bit of a mutt, born in New York to a Danish Father and Guatemalan mother and bounced around a few countries and cities while growing up, but Copenhagen has grown to be my home and I love it here. I studied Fashion Design at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles and then Multimedia Design & Communications in Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

I’ve always loved sewing and designing clothing, at the same time I participated in sports since early childhood. I used to play basketball, volleyball, soccer and was on the track and field team in school and then the last 12 years developed interests in going to the gym and experimenting with yoga, weight training and running. I think that the two worlds really drove me to try finding a combination where I could not only make it a hobby but also a lifestyle and make it my life’s work.

Why the name “Leon Nord” and what’s with the star logo? 

The name Leon Nord was inspired by my background. The two heritages,  ‘Leon’ derives from my mother’s maiden name, ‘De Leon’’ symbolizing ‘’of the lion’’ and ‘’Nord’’ the Danish word for ‘’north’’ I think the combination of the two ‘Lion of the North’ has a beautiful ring to it and powerful symbol of strength and courage.

The logo symbolizes Polaris, the north star. The stars have been there for centuries to guide us and I find it a strong symbol and reminder to look up and look forward to finding strength and courage to achieve your goals.


How did you come up with the idea of the brand and why women’s fitness clothes?

The idea behind it derives from my love for both fitness and fashion. After living in Los Angeles and travelling to Australia to visit my sister a few times, I really saw this growing trend of beautiful activewear. Not just prints on leggings, but gorgeous, fabrics, cuts, laser cuts, eyelets, fringes, pleats, being incorporated to activewear to look like a piece that can be worn on the runway!

I was so inspired, an amazing world opened up to me where I looked beyond big names like Nike and Adidas and found brands like L’urv, Heroine, Carbon38, Ultracor and just thought… wow….this is me! This is what I want to do. When women put on our activewear, I want them to feel like they do when they put on a dress or a superhero cape for that matter! That feeling of wearing something special. Activewear can be beautiful, comfortable and versatile. So with this, I thought, how awesome would it be to create a brand that does this, that’s from Denmark?

Why should every woman own a piece (or more!) from your collection?

Our pieces are timeless, elegant and can be worn for various situations – that is why I believe every woman should own a piece from Leon Nord. There are no flashy prints or crazy colors which are easy to notice when wearing the items more than once. This leads to people getting tired of the garment and the clothes not being put to use as much as they should be.

The items are like ‘The Little Black Dress’- you can accessorize them differently with different items from your wardrobe and make a new trendy chic look for your active session or on the run. The thought behind the design is exactly this, to be able to use the leggings, or top, time and time again and still feel like you have a beautiful piece on and I look forward to bringing more unique versatile pieces out.


How is the Scandinavian style and woman reflected in your design?

Scandinavian design is very minimalistic, with a large focus on textures and materials. The designs are sleek with a sassy touch of a woman, like the shimmering black fabric of the leggings or the shiny vegan leather details.


What’s it like being an upcoming designer and entrepreneur on the Scandinavian market?

It’s nervewracking, exciting, and very emotional. I am a sensitive person who needs to accept that not everyone will love your work. But it’s an amazing journey to see your dreams come to a reality and work long hours and weekends, but still actually WANT to work on the weekends and late evenings because it’s something you are truly passionate about. It’s a thrilling experience and I will cherish it forever.


What’s your best advice for upcoming entrepreneurs?

Make time. No excuses such as ‘not enough time’. I say it every day now actually (haha) ‘There’s not enough time in the day’ because it really feels like there isn’t. But, you need to find the time. There’s always tomorrow and you can pick up where you left off and do your best to tick off those to-do’s. There are a million to-do’s which will constantly haunt you, but make time to get them done, they are all a priority, but there is no one else to rely on getting them done, there is just you.

Start with the first one, take a breath and continue. You have to realize that sacrifices will happen in order to keep things running if you really want your project to pull through. The best you can do, is show up, work your ass off to the best of YOUR ability, not someone else’s, yours and do your best.

Make time for a workout (fitness is extremely important for a healthy mindset and empowers you to push harder) And remember to make time to rest and reset. Your health is first and foremost and that should never be sacrificed. Look up, believe you are that superstar, even when you don’t feel like it sometimes! 

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