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Hi everyone! Last time I wrote about FITPLAN a lot of you were really interested in hearing more in-depth reviews. If you haven't already, check out my blog about an intro and first impressions on Fitplan, here.

I think at this point in time, a lot of us are overwhelmed with the influx of online workouts and free streaming. It's amazing we have access to all of these workouts during our quarantine days, however, how can we build a routine? When gyms begin to open up again, will these online sessions still be as widely available as they are now?

I have been an avid user of the app Fitplan for almost 9 months now and I've tried about 8 different Fitplans. I really wanted to experiment with them to try find my favorites and which ones really challenged me. Overall, I am really happy with the app. It allowed me to have access to all sorts of workouts, wherever I am, and I don't ever lack variety in the type of workout I want to do. I have stuck to a few plans all the way through and the consistency with them has led me to see results and build a confident routine.

For those unfamiliar with the app - a quick summary - Fitplan offers hundreds of fitness plans designed by true fitness elite. From Kim Kardashian's personal trainer to pro athletes such as Alex Rodriguez. No matter your fitness level, you will find a fitness plan that suits beginners to absolute pros who need a routine going and some more inspiration. Fitplans range from a few days to months, depending on your goal, whether it be weight loss, endurance, muscle tone, or cardio. New Fitplans are released weekly and you can do multiple Fitplans at once. So anyone who gets bored easily with workouts (ehem, me) you can switch it up and combine the Fitplans too! You will always be able to go back and pick up where you left off.

So, let's get started! Here is a review of 5 Fitplans that I have tried!


MELISSA ALCANTARA FITPLAN - high intensity interval training with Melissa Alcantara. 25 minute HIIT workout to get your heart racing and burning fat.

BUILT AT HOME by Melissa Alcantara

This plan is 21 days, 3 days a week and each workout is 25 minutes long. I started this plan during the lockdown here in Los Angeles. Meaning, NO GYM. I am an avid gym user and was starting to think about what my alternatives would be. I quickly remembered that Fitplan has numerous bodyweight plans and I have been meaning to check out the famed Melissa Alcantara's plans.

The rumors are true, shes a beast! Strong, positive, and supportive. After having tried her Fitplan Built from home, honestly felt like, if I met her on the street I would be able to strike up a chill conversation with her. The follow-along videos are charming and personal. The plan uses minimal equipment (resistance bands, optional dumbbells) and focuses on high-intensity interval training, to work up a good sweat and raise that heart rate! Perfect for when we should be wary of our time spent outdoors these days for the sake of protecting others and setting a good example of staying home.

Melissa gives us an amazing workout with this plan. Her humor and empowering vibe give me the ultimate boost while I'm doing this plan. It leaves me wanting more!

Get ready for lots of jumping, pulsing, and SQUAAATS!

I am currently on my 3rd round of this Fitplan. It doesn't get boring and it doesn't get easier! I recommend it for those looking to incorporate cardio to their daily routines, but are looking to get it done indoors! This plan is also great for doing in your backyard, balcony, nearby park, and isolated areas.

SAMI CLARKE TOTAL BODY CHALLENGE FITPLAN- full body workout with Samil Clarke. You dont need a gym to keep fit! Workouts using only bodyweight.

Total Body challenge by Sami Clarke

I started this plan when I was traveling in Nov/Dec 2019  and had minimal access to a gym. Total body challenge is 21 days, 3 days a week, and 25-minute workouts focusing on no equipment - you can be just as effective with your body weight as in the gym! I learned this, from this plan. I was left sore and feeling toned!

I found this plan to be really easy to incorporate when traveling or when you don't have access to a gym (also great for these days during quarantine) It's a great way to build a routine of working out at home and getting those shorter workouts in when you are at a crunch for time. It's so important to move our bodies and Sami puts great emphasis on this throughout the plan and following her on social media.

Her upbeat, youthful, joyful vibe is encouraging and really makes you want to work on that core strength that shes got! Her goal is to make the workouts simple and effective and after experiencing this Fitplan, I believe she did put a lot of thought into each exercise. You really can do them anywhere and you really do challenge your whole body!

The exercises use the whole body yet focus on different parts of the body for each workout. There is also a follow along warm-up of about 1-2 minutes to get everything prepped!

Get ready for lots of plank exercises and for those abs to peep in and say HIIIII! You will hate the exercises while doing them, but in the end, you will feel victorious and more glorious than before!

MICHELLE LEWIN SLAY THE WEIGHTS FITPLAN- Michelle Lewin workout. Gym workout with Michelle Lewin to tone up and feel amazing.

Slay the weights by Michelle Lewin

This is the first Fitplan I started when I signed up for the app. I wanted to incorporate a consistent routine with weight training at the gym (when the gyms were open) I was already into weight training, but I needed consistency and variety to learn more about muscle groups, how to use machines and get comfortable with some that I hadn't used before.

Michelle Lewin is your go-to woman for learning about machines at the gym. Not to mention her vibe is so heartwarming and kind. She proves you can be a strong badass and a sweetheart at the same time.

With this plan, I was consistent and I'd say I saw the best results with. Mainly because it was longer than the other plans I tried and I could see a huge improvement from start to end.

This plan is 90 days, 5 times a week, and 60-minute workouts. Yes, this plan is for the gym, and if you already have experience with the gym. Fear not though, if you don't have experience with using machines, Michelle Lewin has a very good intro plan for hose who need some help!

Slay the weights is '' to help you become more confident in the weight room and build a sexy body while doing it!'' in her own words. The plan uses TRX, weights, bodyweight lunges, and machines. This Fitplan is sure to build your muscles and leave you with a boost of confidence!

Building a new routine takes time and I felt I was given the boost of confidence with Michelle Lewin's plan. I really enjoyed it and being a part of Michelle Lewin's team really gives you an extra boost of confidence as she is hardworking and inspiring. I will definitely be doing another one of her Fitplans....there are rumors she has a new one coming soon. I hope this is true!

LINN LOWES STRONG AND LEAN FITPLAN- Get strong and Lean with Linn Lowes Workout on Fitplan. Fitplan workout with Linn Lowes.

Strong and Lean by Linn Lowes

Strong and Lean is a series of Fitplans by fitness influencer, Linn Lowes.

This Fitplan is for all levels, 12 weeks,  5 days a week, and 60 minutes. The workouts focus on a combo of functional training and HIIT- based workouts. Results guaranteed. Just check out her Instagram for the amazing results women have had by using her Fitplans!

So when the time is right and you get back to the gym (maybe you are lucky enough to have a private gym...?) and hit the weights!

The longer sessions really get you feeling like you are working for it. But that's how it is if you want to see results right? You HAVE to work for it. With patience and over time you will grow stronger and build confidence that you are doing something amazing for your body. This plan is great for beginners and for those who have experience at the gym. The video demonstrations are clear and understandable as well as great quality.

Expect a boost in upper body strength!

Overall strength is so vital to our health. Building a routine with Linn Lowes' plan will get you learning more about muscle groups and leave you wanting more. This is great because she has various versions of Strong and Lean and releases more quite often. So if you enjoyed her first Strong and Lean plan... no fear, there is Strong and lean 2.0, 2.1,2.2! Just keep going, there is no end to a fitness journey is about maintenance and keeping healthy.

Linn Lowes has a sweet, genuine vibe and you can share your fitness journey with her through social media. She will reply and support you 100%! She's a true cheerleader and wants to see YOU achieve your fitness goals.

JANA WEBB JOGA FITPLAN -oga is a combination of fitness and yoga - designed for those with a tighter athletic body! That's me exactly. I have been an athlete all my life and wanting to touch my toes has always been an issue. But, it's not always about touching your toes! It's about moving your body freely that is best suited for you.

Joga with Jana Webb

Joga is a combination of fitness and yoga - designed for those with a tighter athletic body! That's me exactly. I have been an athlete all my life and wanting to touch my toes has always been an issue. But, it's not always about touching your toes! It's about moving your body freely that is best suited for you.

The plan is designed to focus on balance, strength and mobility - ''to align your body and balance asymmetries so you can move better, with more efficiency and less risk of injury'' - Jana Webb

Jana Webb teaches her routine to pro athletes and various influential people in the fitness industry in private sessions. On Fitplan, it's like you are having a 1 to 1 session with her.

However, this Fitplan is not for beginners. There were some poses that I found extremely challenging - but I do believe with practice I can get there.
It IS a workout and it will leave you feeling sweaty. There are a few days where the main focus is breathwork, these are called foundations of yoga. It's important to learn these foundations and bring them over to all aspects of your life. Use them while working out, while sitting at your desk, and so forth. It's a great plan to incorporate along with weight training if you are keen on learning more about yoga but come from an athletic background that uses bursts of movement such as running, cycling and HIIT.

This plan is to follow along with videos, and Jana has a very clear voice and explains really well what the poses do and why we are doing them from an athlete's perspective. I've learned a lot from her! If you are looking for a new challenge, give this a try for sure. Expect lots of planks and working on that shoulder strength!


This is my review of Fitplans which I have been following along the longest and feel I have very good experience with. Currently, I just started a new Fitplan and will do a review of that one in the future when I've come further with it!

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