An interview with our founder, Liz, by Novo Vita Denmark

Interview conducted by Caroline Alsted from Novo Vita Danmark.

Novo Vita
What is the philosophy behind Leon Nord?

The philosophy behind Leon Nord is to inspire women to reach their goals. To wear fashion forward active wear and feel like you can conquer the day and do anything you set your mind to. The items of our capsule collection were designed to be worn at any time of day, so we made sure to choose sleek fabrics, that were functional as well, incorporated details and seams which give a classy touch. At the same time, when you put the items on, they give you that ‘’superwoman’’ feeling. Each item is named after a star we see in the night sky, there as a little motivation to reach for the stars.


Novo Vita: Who is the brand targeted towards?
The brand is targeted towards women who are strong willed, compassionate and like to take care of themselves, yet also there to bring other women up and be a beacon to others by supporting and motivating them.

 Novo Vita: How does Leon Nord stand out from other brands?

The great thing about the capsule collection is that each item is designed to be able to wear not just at the gym or studio, but also to be worn on a day to day basis whether you are out running errands or even meeting up with friends. You can wear the Capella Crop with a bomber jacket and high waisted jeans and look super chic. Or wear the Mizar top while lounging at the beach bar, or even wear the leggings with a pair of heels and a blazer and clean white blouse for a business trip.


Caroline/Novo Vita: How does Leon Nord reflect the Scandinavian woman?

Scandinavian women are very strong willed in so many ways, and Leon Nord reflects this. When you put the items on, this extra boost of superwoman reveals itself. This positive energy is also there to encourage other women to build a network of positivity, productivity and overall strength for achieving our goals.  


Novo Vita: What is your own best health advice?

Take the time to learn what your body needs. Just because some sort of diet worked for someone, doesn't mean that it will work for you. Listen to the signals your body gives you and learn from them, how to improve or why your body is giving you certain signals. Everything in balance, whether it’s food or the thoughts in your mind. Don’t ignore when you feel sad, or angry, those are reminders that we are human and can grow to become stronger, they are lessons to learn from. Always find time to exercise, your body and mind will thank you for it and more importantly find out which workout is best for you, so it doesn’t end up feeling like a mission, but rather a ritual to yourself and well being.

Novo Vita is a danish supplement brand that offers vegan all natural options as well as non-vegan options. No added sugars or artificial additives. Liz's favorites from Novo Vita:

Green Protein+ Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Balanced Energy - Red Grape/Berry


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