Seated too long? Here is a Yoga flow to get your blood flow moving!

In this age, when globalization and technology bring us the world to our fingerstips,  we end up not realizing that most things we do, we do them seated. Working, eating, relaxing, socializing, going for drinks, even meditating! Comparing with the past, when day life required different levels of movements, we can only imagine the impact seating and a bad seating posture have been causing in our bodies.
(Video of yoga flow coming up after text)

Sitting for long periods, specially if not engaging your muscles accordingly, may affect your lower back, hamstrings (want to touch your toes?), core and glutes engagement. It may instantly give you headaches, back pain and cause bloating. These specific groups of muscles also have a massive importance in keeping us balanced and safe in a standing pose/walking/running...

Knowing this, we also know that sometimes, no matter how long we can try to reduce our sitting time, it's may not be enough, so what can we do?

Move! Moving with targeted exercises. In this article you can find a Yoga flow that targets all parts of the body that may be affected by sitting. It's created above all else, to strengthen and increase flexibility and mobility around the hips, hamstrings, back, neck and shoulders. This flow will not only help you with mobility and strength as it'll also re-educate your body for a better sitting posture, increasing your body awareness.

Stay in each pose for at least 20 breathes
Always engage in active flexibility

Make sure you're doing the right alignment and individual asana adaptations. Contact @anarchoyogi for any questions related.
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