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Andromeda Leggings

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Activewear from Scandinavia for Superwomen

LEON NORD is a luxury women’s athleisure wear brand. Our aesthetic combines sleek Scandinavian minimalism with comfort and functionality . No matter the occasion, you’ll feel ready to conquer the day without style ever being compromised.

We believe the Fashion Industry can be different…

...and produce less waste

  • we do not throw away unsold items (major brands throw away up to 40% of their produced items)
  • we donate returned items or sell them at sample sales

...and make eco conscious choices

  • we are launching our first items made with fabric from 100% recycled plastic bottles (in Q1 2020)
  • we would love to upcycle your old leggings and offer you €25 off on any of our leggings in return

...and make items to last for more than a season

  • we design our pieces with attention to detail and a twist to make them special but timeless
  • we choose high-quality materials to make sure they last

Antares Leggings - Military Green

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